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May 22, 2011
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   What happened, where am I? The sharp pain in the back of my head tells me I was knocked unconscious and now I can no longer remember why I'm here. Today the sun decides not to shine into this thick green jungle so I stumble and feel my way to an opening, where I see a river that's full of crows pecking on a charred body at the foot of a massive mountain. I know this place, Mt. Doi Inthanon in Thailand. I look up and see a hole in the side of the mountain where a man stands dressed in red, his hands smoking and a devilish grin on his face...Bison!

   I try to gather energy for a Ki blast to throw at him but this throbbing headache wont let me and as a memory washes over me, I realize I did not come here alone. Someone has been trying to track or follow me but a snapped twig gives away their position and I head back to the forest only to see that it is my old friend Ryu. He's talking to me but I haven't heard anything except static in my ears since I awoke, I try to concentrate but the pain increases and I fall to my knees. As I look up at Ryu speaking to me, words appear in my line of sight as if I were a computer monitor, words that say "Target Acquired."

   I again, try to overcome the pain and try to make sense of my situation as another memory flashes into my mind. Chained down face first on an operating table, I hear Bison speaking, "Proceed doctors. Lets see if his body can handle my Psycho power." The memory fades as quick as it came and now my head is burning from the inside. I try to warn Ryu but when I open my mouth, the only words I speak are "Orders received Lord Bison." I dash toward Ryu so fast I seem to teleport behind him and then I kick the back of his neck, causing him to spit out globs of blood... This power feels great.

   He doesn't want to fight me but he has no choice because he knows I'm going to kill him and enjoy it. Ryu shoots a Hadouken that's easily dodged and followed up by a Hadouken of my own, which now has a corrupt flame that burns and twists his body as he falls. I hope he stands up again so I can hurt him some more but he doesn't, so I approach him and again his lips move but I hear no words. It looks like he's begging me to stop, asking me not to use Bison's gift but I decide to end this fight my way, pick up his body with my left hand and perform my signature move, "SHORYU-KEN." The flames from my hands disintegrate the hair on his head and arms as I rise up into the sky with my right hand connected to his chin and claim my victory. Flames dance around my arms as I stand here and await my next order from Lord Bison.
This is story #1 of the Arcade Edition Tribute Collab
Ken-Violent Acts is written by me (HiltonC aka Mr.H)

Violent Ken art is provided by and used with the permission of super-artist :icontovio911:. Visit his gallery to see more outstanding pieces.
Original Violent Ken Post
tovio911's Gallery
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Goregous Art!!!!!!!!!!!
StreetKnights901 Jun 7, 2011   General Artist
A Ken to truly be feared
Yes to be feared indeed!
metanoia00 May 28, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Oooh, it's violent Ken!

One day I'll be good enough to do a pic for one of your stories :)
Not the ending I had expected but perhaps this will activate the dark hadou inside Ryu. Great Story none the less.
I figured it was time to put the spotlight on Ken instead of Ryu for once. Glad you like and thx for the comment/fav :woohoo:
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